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Flirting over 50 – How to Grab a Date

Flirting tips are necessary no matter if you are a man or a woman, and regardless of your age. Flirting can be a lot of fun and a great way to get the attention of the man or woman that you like or are attracted to.


Sibtelty is important regardless of the age. If you come across too strong you will scare someone off. This is especially true for those over 50. Many people would rather not put themselves out there, and coming on too aggressive will just make the wrong statement. Try to keep the flirtatious remarks and gestures down to a certain amount an hour. Watch for signs of discomfort. If the other person starts to look or act it, not stopping while you’re ahead can only make them run away.

Go For it

While it is important that you are subtle with your flirting, you should make sure that they get the hint. Sometimes, men especially are naive when it comes to when people flirt with them. If you say one or 2 thing that are semi flirtatious in one conversation then there is a good chance that they won’t even catch it. Make sure that they get your drift.

Pay Attention to Body Language

It is true that aforementioned tips can seem confusing when they are put together just know how to read body language. If the person that you are flirting with seems to be into you too, then go for it. However, if they seem uncomfortable, doing things like not engaging in conversation or making eye contact then reel it in.

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