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Meeting the Parents – 4 Helpful Tips

Meeting the parents of someone you’re dating is a big deal. It shows the relationship has moved to a more serious level. It can also be a time of stress, and a wrong move can lead to the parents not liking you. There are a few things you can do to eliminate the stress and make this a smooth transaction.

Tip 1- Appearance Matters

It doesn’t matter what type of style you are used to at work and home when meeting the parents. Your appearance will be the first thing they notice about you. Make sure you have something nice to wear, and take the time to groom before heading out the door.

Tip 2- Research

Try to have photos and names to compare before you head over. This will help you to remember names while there. Also ask your partner key questions, like how long have the parents been married, are there any traditions you should know before hand, etc.

Tip 3- Bring a Gift

You may be told it’s unnecessary, but do it anyhow. A nice bottle of wine, or after dinner chocolates or coffee will go a long way in showing how respectful you are. Gifts always warm the heart, and it shows you put thought in to the meeting.

Tip 4- Mind Your Manners

It doesn’t matter how presentable you are and what kind of gift you bring if you are rude and unappreciative. Many people come across as stand offish when they are nervous. You will need to step up your game and be very mindful of your actions, your words, and your tone of voice.

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